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Pivot Points is an indicator that shows where price will Pivot(turn). There are short term pivots(daily & weekly) and longer term pivots(monthly &  yearly). Jeff will teach you what pivots to use to match your trading style or objective. Pivots are very popular with trading algorithms(black box). If you know in advance where the computers algos buy & sell=a trading edge. In this 3.5 hour workshop recording, Jeff covers all the basics of what the different Pivot Points are, why they work, where to find them & how to use them. Jeff also shows you a pivot trick every futures trader needs to know, why the central Pivot Point(P) is so important, and how to develop a trading plan using multiple Pivots. Learn which Pivots to use to grow your IRA retirement account the fastest. This workshop will change the way you trade/invest. Pivots are very easy to learn & understand. This video was a 2016 contestant for "best Education Trading course". It took 3rd place out of 10 finalists. On sale for only $49. Watch it unlimited times.

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The BIGGEST reversals during the year happen at the Yearly pivot points. If you know in advance where they are = a huge trading edge. In this 1 hr. video webinar, I will show you where to find them and how best to use them for big wins. This video webinar is geared for active investors and longer term traders. Click on heading for more detailed information.




On sale now

Using Weekly Pivots for short term trades-coming soon!

This webinar is for traders looking for short term traders(1-4days) on futures, stocks, forex and crypto's. 


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