Private Twitter Alerts & Slack chart rooms

When you become a paid subscriber, you will be allowed access to Jeff's Private(locked) Twitter Account(@PivotalPivots). Jeff webinar "Using Multiple Pivots" is highly recommended first.

Everyday starts with the Daily Trading Range report at 8:30am. This is Jeff's personal cheat sheet for the day on where he see's the support and resistance. Jeff use's a combination of pivots to determine where price should pivot on the day.

Everyday, around 8:30am (Monday-Friday), a link will be tweeted to the 15min premarket video. In the dialy premarket video Jeff goes over support(buying opps, or covering opps if you're short) on the ES and YM emini's, CL oil and GC gold futures, SPY, IWM, QQQ, IBB, AAPL, FB, AMZN, Etc. and some possible earnings plays.

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During the trading day, Jeff is tweeting short term and longer term Pivot chart setups as they appear. We have a wide variety of clients. Some subscribers day trade index & commodity futures(ES YM NQ TF GC CL) while other Subs are looking for weekly swing trades or longer term trades or investments. We do it ALL!

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Every evening around 8-9pm ET,  there is a post market video showing support & resistance for the overnight session. Many of our clients are overseas and trade while we sleep in the US. 

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We have a live SLACK Chart & Chat room where Jeff review's 100's of charts a day. There are special rooms for Cannabis stocks charts, Crypto's(bitcoin) charts, Yearly pivot charts for longer term trades, ETF short term & long term charts and Jeff's trades. There is an IOS and Android app, so you can check in anytime you need a chart or to see what we are looking at. It's also a great place to ask questions and learn the PivotalPivots methodology live.

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Private Twitter Alerts & Live SLACK Chart rooms only $69month / $599 yr. 

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