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PivotalPivots  research show's subscribers where to add or reduce risk and market timing opportunities in our Private Twitter account(@PivotalPivots).  Jeff also teaches his PivotalPivots methodology thru Webinars  and Live Workshops  to Portfolio Managers, Financial Advisors, Trading Groups and  Independent Investors & Traders. PivotalPivots works great on US Index Futures (ES YM NQ) & ETF's(SPY, IWM, QQQ, DIA), Energy(CL, NG) & Gold(GC) Futures, Vix, Bond Futures & ETF's , most US listed stocks(Apple, Facebook, IBM, BAC, etc) and most Forex pairs.

Abigail Doolittle ‏@TheChartress 4 Oct You're one of the best, great to agree w you! @Pivotal_Pivots on $AAPL
Mike Pisani @MapPisani  12 Dec 13 @PivotalPivots Love the Pivots Jeff!!! Ty Ty! Your information is more than paid for for the next 5 years!!  
Bob Lang ‏@aztecs99 11 Dec 2015
extremely valuable! @Pivotal_Pivots: If you want to learn where big moves happen, buy his Pivots webinar!

@Pivotal_Pivots You called the $AAPL bottom a couple of years ago and the top a couple of months ago... Great job!

Eggboy ‏@generic991 Jun 11

Eggboy Retweeted Jeff York, PPT

He is "THE BEST" I've gone through many services. He is the one who has helped the most in maximizing my gains

Peter Brandt ‏@PeterLBrandt 3 Oct  @Pivotal_Pivots I am short, but your trade makes sense to me. LOL

Jeff York, PPT

For the past 28 years I have been a full time trader and a Pivot Point Technician(PPT). My stock charts are legendary at picking major turning points. Most short term and long term tops and bottoms occur Pivot Points. I learned about Pivots from a Goldman Sachs Pit trader I met back in 2002. After several  years I expanded their methodology and I added other popular pivot point calculations to compensate for the increase in algorithmic computer trading. Computer algo's represent 75% of the intraday volume. My methodology shows you in advance where they will buy & sell/scale. Knowing this in advance allows you to capture the big reversals or hedge a large position.

I am a past contributor to and financial publications. I live in Huntington Beach, CA (Surf City).

Twitter ID: @Pivotal_Pivots

StockTwits ID: @PivotalPivots

45 min video on how PivotalPivots shows you where Price's will turn.
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