Yearly pivot points are for great for active investors and traders looking for longer-term trades.

You will learn: 

  • Yearly pivot points are great at picking long term tops & bottoms.They show you in advance where price will pivot. 

  • What are Yearly pivot points and why they work.

  • How are pivot points calculated(Traditional, Fibonacci, etc).

  • Why the Yearly Pivot(YP) is the bull/bear line, and why it is "fair value" each year.

  • Learn why price goes to the YP 80% of most years.






  • What charting platforms have Yearly pivot points for free.

  • How to set up these free charts with Yearly pivots. 

  • Pivots show you in advance where the computer algo's buy & sell = a trading edge.

  • 1 hr. long

  • Instant download after payment. Watch unlimited times. 

On sale now! reg. $89 

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