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  "Using Multiple Pivot Points

    for Trading Opportunities"

         3.5 Hour Webinar Recording

Pivot Points show traders & active investors "in advance", where to add and reduce risk. Pivots Points are used by Floor Traders, Market Makers, Institutional traders, Pro Investors & computer algorithms. Shouldn't you be using them too?

What you will learn

* Pivots are a Predictive Indicator. They predict where price will turn. Knowing in advance where prices will turn=Trading Edge!

* PivotalPivots will show you an easy to use visual Trading Plan. No guessing where to buy and sell/scale.

* How to use the Yearly Pivots for longer term IRA trades or investments.

* How to use the Weekly & Monthly Pivots for trading options.

* Why the central Pivot(P) point is so important.

* Which Pivots(daily, weekly, monthly or yearly's) to use for your trading style.

* Where to find free pivots and how to set them up.

* What are the difference between Floor Pivots, Woodies Pivots, Demarks Pivots and Camarilla Pivot Points and which ones work best!

* A Pivot trick every futures trader needs to know!

* How I set up my trading plan every weekend, for the upcoming week using PivotalPivots.

* and much much more

* Webinar download link is to your desktop... you can watch it unlimited times.

BUY NOW onsale $49 (reg $99)

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