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Do you Guess or Follow the crowd?


About Us

Stop Guessing!

Most traders & active investors guess when to buy and sell a stock. Fundamental analysis does NOT show you when and where to get in or out.  Knowing in advance where to buy & sell is

KEY to making consistent profits.  

PivotalPivots visually shows you where!

Market Timing Opportunities for Portfolio Managers, Active Investors & Traders

Our Pivot Charts

will show you exactly where

to swing, for

home run trades.

See our ChartBlog

Why PivotalPivots?

Shows you in Advance where price will pivot
 shows where to add or reduce risk.
No more
Works on short term and longer term trades/ investments
Predicted Apple's bottom in 2013 and top in 2015
Predicted the low in WTI oil and energy stocks n 2016
Predicted the top in Gold & Silver in 2011
as seen in:
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