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When Price and Time converge

When Price and Time Converge

PRICE: In the past month the S&P 500 (SPX) bounced off the Yearly(P) Pivot at 1997 (per my article) and has rallied up to the YearlyR1 Pivots @ 2163-2180. Computer algorithms moves price from predetermined Pivot point to pivot point.

TIME: the 2016 Bradley Model Sidergrapgh which means Star Graph shows a trend change date next week. Donald Bradley developed this model back in the 1940's. He wrote a book called "Stock Market Prediction" which is out of print. From my experience his model is uncanny with its predictions.

2016 Bradley Sidergrapgh

The last time Price and Time converged was in July 2014. The S&P 500(SPX) fell 80 points and the Dow(INDU) fell 800 points in 2 weeks.

With SPX testing strong resistance at the YearlyR1 Pivots and the Bradley Model trend change date converging next week, we may see a big pullback to 2100 or correction soon.

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