May 21, 2020

The S&P 500 index(SPX) has rallied back to fair value for 2020 at the Yearly pivot point(YP). Look for strong resistance here and support on Ys1 @ 2700. 

May 19, 2020

 Gold miners ETF GDX is testing resistance here at the Yearly R2 pivot point(YR2). The Low this year is on the Yearly S2 pivot point. Ys2 to Yr2.

Look for strong resistance here at the YR2 & Qr2 pivot points.  

May 12, 2020

Gold(GLD) has been consolidating between the Yr2 and YDMH pivot points.  Bulls are hoping $158 holds.

May 11, 2020

 Transocean stock (RIG) found strong support(Buyers) on the Annual Ys2 pivot point. The BIGGEST reversals happen on the Annual/Yearly pivots. When a stock is up 100% from where I bought it, I automatically sell 1/2 to get my money back. I will let th...

May 8, 2020

 I don't play penny stocks very often. MARK's technology will be in demand in a post coronavirus world. I sold 1/2 and got my investment back. Now playing with the banks money. 

May 4, 2020

 Professional traders that trade the German Dax know, the biggest reversals happen at the year pivot points. Ys3 to Ys1 for 3,000 points. 

April 28, 2020

Smile Direct Club stock (SDC) came down to the Yearly S1 pivot point. SDC took 6 weeks of basing out on Ys1 but the wait was worth it. Now up 75%!

April 28, 2020

Bitcoin BTCUSD is back near the Yearly Pivot(YP). The low so far this year is on the YFs1 pivot. YFs1 back to the YP= textbook move. Also the YFs1 to the YP= 100% move. Smart investors should Sell 1/2 at the YP and get their investment back. Keep the...

April 23, 2020

 Zoom stock (ZM) has ben a BIG winner for me. From $110 to $173 in a few weeks. I am going to reduce risk @ $173. From Ms1 to the Mr1 pivot points. 

April 22, 2020

 LabCorp stock (LH) is now up 50% since bottoming on the Ys2 pivot point. Ys2 to YP= textbook trade @ PivotalPivots. 

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