July 8, 2020

Chipotle stock (CMG) has rallied up to the annual Yr2 pivot point. So far in 2020, Yr1 to Ys1 to Yr2. Good spot here to reduce risk. Risk is a pullback to Yr1. 

July 6, 2020

The Nasdaq 100 (NDX) and etf(QQQ) today, is testing the Annual Yr2 pivot point. The Yr1 pivot point was strong Rez last Feb., and the Ys1 pivot point was strong support last March. Look for strong resistnace here. Possible pullbaclk to the Annual Yr1...

July 2, 2020

Amazon's stock (AMZN) has rallied up to the Yearly R4 pivot point. Yr4 is a great spot to reduce or hedge risk @ PivotalPivots. If you bought the dip last March, take some profits off here!

June 23, 2020

 Apple stock is near resistance at the YDMH pivot point. The low so far this year, is on the YDML pivot point. YDML to YDMH=textbook move.

June 8, 2020

Transocean stock(RIG) fell to the Yearly S2 pivot point in march. That was great buying opportunity. Since I bought on Ys2 I will take "some" profits off at Ys1 @ $3.83. Pivots show me in advance where to buy & sell. 

June 2, 2020

 The Silver ETF went from form a high in 2019 at the Yearly R2 pivot point, to a low in 2020 on the Yearly S2 pivot point. Yr2 to Ys2. The biggest reversals happen at the Yearly pivot points. Yr1 is the the next target.

June 1, 2020

 Delta looking to take some profits off at the Ys3 pivot. Ys4 to Ys3 = textbook trade. 

May 21, 2020

The S&P 500 index(SPX) has rallied back to fair value for 2020 at the Yearly pivot point(YP). Look for strong resistance here and support on Ys1 @ 2700. 

May 19, 2020

 Gold miners ETF GDX is testing resistance here at the Yearly R2 pivot point(YR2). The Low this year is on the Yearly S2 pivot point. Ys2 to Yr2.

Look for strong resistance here at the YR2 & Qr2 pivot points.  

May 18, 2020

 General Electric's stock GE has found support on the Ys2 pivot point. If Ys2 holds, GE could go back this year to the Ys1 pivot point. 

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