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March 24, 2020

$XLK so far in 2020, the Annual Yr1 pivot point is the high, and the Annual Ys1 pivot point is the low. Yr1 to Ys1 coincidence? NO!  Look for XLK to go back to the YP at $81 @PivotalPivots.

March 5, 2020

 Campbells soup stock(CPB), look for resistance at the Yr1 pivot @ $55.30.

YP to YR1 is a textbook trade at PivotalPivots. 

March 4, 2020

MMM stock price so far in 2020, the Yearly pivot(YP) to the Yearly S1 pivot(YS1). Yearly pivots show in advance, where the BIGGEST reversals will happen. 

March 3, 2020

 At PivotalPivots, I use the Yearly & Qrtly Pivots to show where the BIG reversals will happen. I use the weekly & monthly pivot points to show subscribers where the short term reversals will happen. Knowing IN advance = greater profits!

February 24, 2020

 Looking for next support at the Qrtly Pivot point(QP) @ 27,661. The Qr1 pivot to the QP=textbook move.

February 24, 2020

Look for strong support soon on the 10 yr. ylieds at 1.30% to 1.22%. 

February 20, 2020

 the Gold & Silver index XAU is near resistnace at the 110. 

February 18, 2020

Since the Yearly R1 pivot point(YR1) on Goldman Sachs (GS) was strong resistance, look for price to come back to the Yearly Pivot(YP) @ $208.50. 

February 12, 2020

Look for strong support soon on the EURUSD. Last years low, was on the 2019 Ys1 pivot. The 2020 Ys1 pivots should be strong support. 

February 11, 2020

 Natgas futures low in 2019, was on the 2019 Yearly S1 pivot point. This year, look for support on the 2020 Ys1 pivot point @ $1.53. 

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